You Could Earn Up To £200 an Hour Installing a Simple Glazing Product Into People’s Homes

You Only Need a Little Training and a Small Investment Learn From Someone Who Works It and Can Prove It

Dear Business Opportunist,
Over the next few minutes, I am going to show you a very lucrative simple business (which I work in as well by the way) and it involves installing a simple product into peoples homes.

This is not taught by anyone else in the UK (as far as I am aware) unless you buy into an extortionately overpriced franchise and there is certainly no need to do that!

I install these myself into homes in Chesterfield and have been doing so for years for excellent profits and easy work. Recently, I have noticed an increase in demand for these units and there are very good reasons why and I will come onto why that is later on. So, this is a very good time for someone like you to jump on board and make the most of this lucrative opportunity. I can show you how.


Maybe you’re looking for something that brings you extra money each month without having to invest a fortune, take unnecessary risks or spend ages training up in something as you do not have the time.

Maybe you want to do this part time?
Maybe you are wanting to shake things up a little in your life and change jobs altogether and earn a healthy wage being self employed without taking on too much unnecessary risk.

Maybe you are a tradesman and you are looking to add a very good sideline to your business without too much hassle learning new tricks.

Whatever situation you are in, this business opportunity can be done part time (even on a Saturday morning for an extra £200 every week) or can be full time quite easily. Either is possible.

In all honesty, it does helps to have a little practical ability if you are planning to do this work yourself. But maybe someone else can do the actual work for you and you do all the lead generation and cream off the profit on top?

This is an opportunity to get into this huge and buoyant market which is expected to grow substantially over the next five to ten years as these sealed units are all going past their sell by dates and out of their Guarantee period.

What we are talking about is Double Glazed panes (not the windows, just the glass panes) and these are guaranteed for 5 years by the supplier (not you) so think of the millions of units that have been installed over the last 30 years (in the 24 million homes throughout the UK) that are now failing and out of the guarantee period. The market is huge and getting bigger.

This Business Has Excellent profits with 200% Mark Up Potential – Way Better Than Any Other Business I Know! This exciting opportunity Is Easy To Learn With A Little Training And Excellent Financial Rewards

If I was to tell you that a recent job that I quoted and installed was £330 Plus VAT (see below) and my costs were only £93 plus VAT, that is a gross profit of £237.00 and the whole job took me about an hour. Is that kind of profit something that appeals to you? Please see the invoice from our Kashflow accounts.

So, you can see that you can get beyond the 200% mark up in this business where I can earn from £150 up to £250 an hour or easy work in our area

So you can too.

In a nutshell, you can earn a days wage sometimes in less than an hour (not always though!) and this is for pretty simple work.

Work Part Time (maybe Saturdays Only) Or Full Time – The Choice Is Yours

The great thing about this business is that you can either run it full time and max out the profits or if you already have your own business or work for someone else, you can do this part time or even just at weekends to really boost your income.

In the days when I was employed, I used to install these Double Glazed panes on a Saturday morning and this more than paid my mortgage.

Believe me, you can easily earn an extra £200 or more for a Saturday morning. Well, if you look at that over a whole month, that is quite a whopping increase in your income through the door without killing yourself for it.

Maybe You Could Add This Onto Your Existing Services To Soar Your Profits?

Maybe you already undertake work in peoples homes? You might be a window cleaner, a door fitter, a joiner or whatever and want to add another 'string to your bow' to earn another income. Or you may have someone working with you and you want to max out what they can bring to your business.

If this is the case, this is a perfect opportunity especially at this time, where the old style Double Glazing is fast on the way out as units are breaking down all over the place. You only have one question to ask the homeowner: “Do you have any misted up glazed units that you want me to look at while I’m here?”

If you are already in peoples homes, maybe it is a no brainer not to ask?

Never Before Has So Many Units Need Replacing And There’s  A Good Reason Why  – A Growing Market – Good News For You

I have done this work on a regular basis for years now and am seeing a big increase in the number of enquiries for this and it is the easiest and most profitable part of my business. Anyone with a degree of practical skill can learn the simple tricks to replacing the units – it’s a 5 to 15  minute job in most cases.

Many Double Glazed units are coming to the end of their life and falling outside their Guarantee period and it is the perfect time for you to get on board and profit from it as there are so many potential customers out there and competition Is not that fierce.

With over 24 million houses in the UK - all with windows, doors and many with conservatories and nearly all with Double Glazed units, how can there not be a huge market?

These Double Glazed units break down and get misted up (with condensation) over time OR they often just crack or get smashed. There must be at least 10 windows in every house with glazed panes that require replacement at some point or another as the Double Glazed units break. That is a potential 240 million of these throughout the UK that need replacing on a rotating basis. MASSIVE MARKET!!!

You Don’t Have To Be Hard Salesman - This Simple Product Sells Itself

I don’t know about you but I hate hard selling. In the window business, the typical scenario is a sales guy in a smart suit and brief case placing a load of pressure on the homeowner to sign up there and then to a big contract. It does happen, believe me. They start out at such an inflated sales price and by the time they force the signature on the dotted line, they have slashed their prices by half. They are after the vulnerable!

Even though we install windows and doors as well, I NEVER use these tactics and have never had to – it stinks and I think most people can see straight through it!

Selling just Double Glazed panes is so much easier as the sales value for a start is so much less than a house full of windows. So, there is very little hard selling in this business – it’s just not needed. Many homeowners often think that it is the whole window and frame that needs to be replaced and not just the glass pane when they mist up so when you tell them it is just the Double Glazed panes that need replacing and not the whole window, they are very pleasantly surprised.

In fact many bigger window companies out there try to persuade the homeowner that they need new windows, not just new Double Glazed units, so you will be a breath of fresh air to them.

This product is EASY To sell as thousands of house owners do not really know where to turn when they get misted up/broken down glazed units. The first people they generally turn to are the bigger window companies until they find out about you that is..

Easy To Smash Your Competition With A Little Knowhow

The Double Glazed pane jobs are quite often left up to the larger Window companies to quote and replace but these companies are way more interested in the larger contracts (such as a conservatory or a house full of windows).

Even though the profit margins are less in the larger installations, they bring bigger chunks of money in on a one hit basis. They need these larger jobs to cover all their costly overheads such as rented premises, staff etc and to keep their staff busy from 9 to 5...

However, you will have way fewer overheads and can compete very nicely indeed and charge lower prices (helps clinch orders!) but be just as competent (if not way better) than them. And of course more profitable than them!

All you need to do is to get your name out there and I can you exactly how to do that and what really works..

The bigger Companies tend to overprice these smaller and much quicker jobs to make them worth their while if they do actually get them. So you will always beat them on price!

Very Easy For You To Learn About And Implement – It’s a Pretty Straightforward Job

Believe me when I say that it is easy to learn and implement the 4 different Double Glazed systems out there and learn how to replace the Double Glazed units. This is hardly rocket science and we teach you EVERYTHING (not leaving any stone unturned!).

You are not training to fit full frame windows and doors..that’s a different story. You will need to be on ladders on occassions to get to upper windows where the beads are on the outside.

Also, there is NO training whatsoever in the UK for the installation of Double Glazed panes (UNTIL NOW!) unless you buy into an expensive franchise. And very few want to buy into a Franchise when they typically charge £25,000 plus VAT or more!

I never learnt these skills in college; I just so happened to learn them ‘on the job’ when I worked with a big Company. Then, when I left that big company and became self employed, I took those skills with me.

Most people who work for these big companies stay there and do not venture out and become self employed so there are few out there that know how to fit Double Glazed panes, hence little competition. But, it is so EASY for someone like you, with a little practical skill and the right business mindset to learn all there is to know.

There Is ONLY A Little Investment And A Very Quick Payback

I won’t insult your intelligence as I know you know that you need to invest some money in training and the right tools in ANY new business opportunity. This is no different in that respect. That’s life!

But if you don’t want to part with a lot cash to get a new venture up and running that has little risk and good profits, you need to seriously think about this business.

I know a local business that only installs Double Glazed panes (he does nothing else) and his sales exceed a £1000 a week and we know, with our guidance and advice, you could exceed that quite easily as a one man operation.

The Product Is Guaranteed For 5 Years By Another Company So There Is No Comeback or Risk For You

Oh and by the way, you are not held liable for guaranteeing this product.

There’s in fact no risk for you as these Double Glazed units are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years (sometimes 10 years) so if they do break down within that time (and it is so so rare!), you have the backing of the glass manufacturer.

I can’t think of the last time that we had a phone call to say the units that I installed have failed within the Guarantee period but if you do, the Guarantee rests with the manufacturer not YOU!

This Business Is Hassle Free

This area of my business is so hassle free. Very rarely will you get any further call backs from the customer as there are no moving parts with this product, no areas to oil, no maintenance required and just nothing to go wrong.

There are no hidden nasties with this product.... it is simple and straightforward. This business is not a get rich quick scheme as these simply do not work or exist but if you follow the tips and tricks we give to you step by step, you too can tap into this hassle free, clean and easy way of making very good money with very good profit margins.

I’m Not a Big Marketer – How Do I Get My Customers?

Any business needs customers to make money and getting those customers needs a certain amount of marketing in whatever shape or form. The more you do, the more customers you get – that’s generally a known fact. Right?

This business is no different but the good news is that there are really simple and effective ways of getting your name out there real quick. You’re not going to be expected to do a ton of Internet marketing and SEO to get you ranked at the top of Google. As that’s just not needed.

Most ways are offline and straight forward and that I use day in and day out.

How Do I Know I Can Actually Do This I Hear You Ask?

A bit of drive, a bit of practical skill, and a small business investment. It won’t get any easier than this to earn good money around your local area…

We have grown from a one man band to a Company with staff and premises and our overheads have grown. So I know for a fact that our prices in this business are not the cheapest out there as we have to chuck a load of money on for our overheads and stick VAT on too.. But we still get the business and the enquiries. But we do a good job!

The smaller guy (like you) with fewer overheads can beat us hands down on price (and larger window companies) and still make more profit than I or they do – I know that for a fact. We only operate in Chesterfield and we cannot branch out to other areas of the country as this is a very localised business,so you won’t be treading on our toes!!


I Can Now Hear You Asking; If Others Are Going To Follow This Advice As Well As Me, Will There Not Be Too Much Competition Out There For Me?

There are hundreds of towns and cities across the UK and this business is run as more of a local rather than national business so the chances of another person in your area investing in this same opportunity is very unlikely. But also, I can guarantee that some of those who invest in this opportunity could:

1)  Invest and then not max out the business to its full potential (despite being given all the tools and materials and guidance they need)

2) Invest, and then have intentions to take action at a later date and then never do!

In a recent study, out of 100 people who bought Language training CDs, only 2 went on to learn the language. 20% did not even open the package in the first place. People are full of good intentions but then the novelty wears off. So, what I am getting to is that out of all the people reading this maybe a small percentage will actually do anything with it as it needs INPUT from YOU.

So there is no need to worry about swamps of people in your area setting up in this line of business and becoming your competitor - it just doesn’t happen.

How Can I Trust That What You Are Saying Is Correct and Accurate?

As SK Sanderson Joinery (trading as Sanderson Windows), I have built up an impeccable reputation on our Local Derbyshire Trusted Trader website (put in Google “Trusted Trader - Derbyshire County Council”) and search for us to check out our reviews.

With so many very happy customers we are hardly going to disappoint you. Our reviews also prove that we have the knowledge and skill and professionalism to teach you very well indeed.

    Listen To What Others are Saying

Testimonial from David Aka

Testimonial from Lewis

Testimonial from Ryan

replace double glazed units business opportunity

“A genuine opportunity that teaches not only just “how to do the job” but covers all related aspects of the business clearly from every angle.” (Matt Nesbitt)

replace double glazed units business opportunity
"Very thorough and descriptive and along with DVD and information pack, enables me to start with business with utmost confidence" (Matt Dyer)

replace double glazed units business opportunity
Fantastic Results
"I was sceptical when I bought the DVD and training package but was reassured I would get my money back by their promise of a refund. When the package arrived, just the marketing advice along was worth its weight in gold!! I followed the replace double glazing DVD set and after following the step by step advice practising on my own house (that needs units replacing anyhow so save money doing it myself), I now know what I am doing. Can’t praise it highly enough – one of the most genuine products out there".. (Ryan)

Lots of Feedback from Ebay

I paid for Steven's advice and it was WELL worth it. The videos are clear, concise, and gave me confidence - I changed a second storey double glazing unit successfully.

Steven's videos show you just how easy it is. (Steve Hilton) 

This was a DIY project for me - I bit the bullet and paid for the videos and information and It is well worth it. There is nothing earth shattering here, but he is clearly a professional and watching him gave me the confidence to have a go. I easily identified my window type, removed a unit as a test and then measured up and ordered 8 windows. I manged to get 8 windows in 'K' glass for ony £220. I previously paid about £120 for one repair, so DIY is definitely the way to go. Nice to see someone sharing insider tips. (David Ross) 

paid for the information and these are genuine tutorials from an experienced fitter and the practices are well explained. The videos are good in helping you identify which of the 4 main DG systems and the videos give me a great grounding in how these systems work, which gives you more confidence in carrying out the work. (Peter Westerd)

OK, I'm Interested But What Is My Investment Likely To Be?

The good news is that this is not an overpriced National Franchise where you have to pay a fortune to be part of (up to £30,000 in some cases) and then give away part of your hard earned monthly income to the Franchise owner. With this opportunity, you are not tied down to suppliers that franchises dictate and marketing methods and pricing structure they endorse.

This is a powerful local business model as Local Business advantages can far out way what any Franchise has to offer. You can be leaner, meaner and way more profitable if you implement the right marketing strategy (used by me in the industry who already know and use it).

So your investment at the start will be between £100 to £120 as this will buy you all the simple tools you need. Our Guides tell you exactly what you need to buy. When you get really into this and the profits are flowing, there are more sophisticated tools out there that you can upgrade to and even then your investment at this point will be well under £400. But this is not needed at the start!

You will need a small van so if you are going to lease the van, you are looking at around £150 plus VAT a month for that (but you may already have a van?). But maybe use your car/trailer in the first few weeks/months until you have established the business..

You also have your ongoing marketing costs of course and that amount just depends on how much you market..


Well, I am Steven Sanderson and my business is S K Sanderson Joinery (trading as Sanderson Windows) in Chesterfield and we install Double Glazed panes, windows, doors and conservatories in Chesterfield.

This double glazed unit replacement is BY FAR the most profitable and easy part of my business. It is clean, simple and quick and we can bank in between £100 - £250 per hour easily for little work.

I have been in the glazing business all my working life and can see a marked increase in the number of homeowners wanting their Double Glazed units replaced as they are simply breaking down.

It sickens me to see what the few franchises out there charge people out there to join up in this business and I can see it is pretty easy to do this without the backing of a large franchise. It’s totally different if you are joining up to a MacDonalds franchise – you DO need the backing of the franchisee then. BUT NOT IN THIS BUSINESS!!

I really felt I wanted to pass my knowledge onto those of you out there around the UK who feel they would want to make a go of this easy to learn trade and reap such good rewards. Whether you do this part time or full time or just a Saturday morning like I used to.

It still surprises me today when we make a wad load of money on one simple installation that has taken an hour!


This is the First Opportunity in the UK to learn this business without having to pay a fortune to buy into a Franchise


So, in a nutshell, what I am giving you the knowledge that you can use, gained from just over 30 years of my experience in this field and then all you need to do is to use these tools to make it work for you. We know what works in this business because we have done it and proved it..


So, in a nutshell, what I am giving you the knowledge that you can use, gained from just over 30 years of my experience in this field and then all you need to do is to use these tools to make it work for you. We know what works in this business because we have done it and proved it..

So in a nutshell, you will get

 A DVD Set “The Step By Step Guide”

Replacing The Glass In Double Glazed Panes’  Detailing All The Training You Require And Includes:

The few different window systems out there today and how to identify each quickly and easily.

 A step by step guide on how to remove the old double glazed pane/(s) – me showing you personally on video so you can follow the exact same procedure. what better way to learn!

 How and what to measure so that you can re-order the exact correct glass size (this is also detailed in the report).

 Where to look for glass suppliers (easy!) – right under your nose

 How to Replace the Double Glazed Panes and make it secure – easy steps

 The correct use of packers and where to place them and why


The Clear pdf Guide

The Clear Guide pdf Guide “The Step By Step Guide – Replacing The Glass In Double Glazed Panes’  Detailing All The Training You Require

The Starter Pack

A 6 Week Starter Guide – a Step by Step Guide taking you by the hand and showing you what to do, every week, for the first 6 weeks, to ensure your business gets off on the right footing. We also tell you the 3 Crucial Things You Need To Do First to ensure your success.

The Pricing Module containing:

OUR PRICING GUIDE consisting of:

 Typical glass supplier prices for all the different types of glass

 Typical prices you can comfortably charge your clients – there is not need to guess what to charge.

We pass on our years of experience on the pricing side but be aware that this can differ from area to area.

The Leads Generation Guide containing:


 Seven Cheap, Free & Easy Ways To Get The Phone Ringing

 How To Get On The Front Page of Google For No Money

 How To Get Repeat Custom and Referrals

How To Get Editorial In Your Local Paper For Free


So What Is The Price?

So how much am I charging, giving away my years of knowledge and experience in a way that has never been done before. There is NO Franchise fee of £25,000 plus VAT!!

If you think also, that you can reap this money back within the day of trading and you are not forking out £25,000 plus VAT for a franchise, I hope you can see that this price is quite reasonable indeed.

You get the full training that I can GUARANTEE you cannot get anywhere else. They do not teach you this at college on short courses. They tend to only teach this in larger companies and the staff tend to stay in their jobs so the information is EXCLUSIVE.

Regular Price £197.00

And All or The Price Of £97.00 Today

Limited Time – Offer Closing Soon!


If you order the Double Glazing Opportunity today, I will also give you the EXTRA 2 BONUSES that will really help you get this little business off the ground. These are viewable ONLINE only so you will be given the weblinks to these only and not the printed version so you will need access to the internet.


Ebook (viewable online and a weblink will be provided) – a 68 page resource titled “From Tradesman To Businessman”

A fab read written by a Tradesman Millionaire…


Ebook (viewable online and a weblink will be provided) – a 67 page resource titled “A Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business”.

A great resource for tradesmen to get a small business thriving in good profits


NB. Also when you buy, we  offer you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are at all unhappy with the contents or feel it is not for you

So there is in fact NO RISK at all to you. We only want happy customers who know they can make this work for them and we can help..


P.S. This is an opportunity to easily earn up from £100 up to sometimes £250 in an hour

P.P.S. It is a simple clean product, that is easy & quick to install and has no comeback from the customer

P.P.P.S You need NO qualifications as ALL the simple training is here – you just need a few practical skills.

P.P.P.P.S I know the content in this package is worth way more than the £97 I am charging and I plan to increase the price very shortly to reflect this.

Take action today before it is too late.  You have nothing to lose with your 15 day money back guarantee.