External Shuffle Procedure

How to replace window glass (or fix a broken window) when it is a Double Glazed unit is a simple procedure of removing the glazing beads & gaskets of which there are various different systems (this is all in our Step By Step Video Guide: ‘The Step by Step Guide For Replacing the Glass in Double Glazing’ where I take you through real examples of how I take out and replace Double Glazing panes simply and efficiently).

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This Step by Step video series explains every detail on what to measure, how to easily identify YOUR systems quickly and easily, what tools you need (simple ones), how to remove the glass pane quickly & safely, how & where to position the packers and how to re-install. They also cover where to source your glass cheaply. You watch over my shoulder as I take you by the hand every step of the way no matter what system you have – it almost feels like 1 to 1 guidance.

OK so we have mentioned that there are 4 different systems for how to replace window glass so I am now going to take you through one of the systems and briefly explain what to do to replace your glass panes but remember that Step by Step video training can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

SYSTEM NUMBER ONE: This system is called the external shuffle bead system and works on an exterior shouffle bead and an internal wedge gasket

PROCEDURE:How to replace window glass in the shouffle bead system. First go to the inside of the window and remove the wedge gasket from between the window frame and the glass; on this system the gasket should come out easily as shown in our video set: ‘Step by Step Guide – Replacing the Glass in Double Glazing.  After removing the gasket, you now need to go to the outside of the window where you will see the external glazing beads. These beads should now be loose as the internal gasket acts as a wedge which pushes the glass forwards to tighten up the beads into a groove. So, as the gasket has been removed, the beads should now be loose.

Remove all the beads leaving the top bead until last as this will help to prevent the glass from falling forwards.

Make sure you note where any glazing packs are around the glass at this point.

Remove the double glazed unit and place to one side. Now ensure there are glazing packs in the bottom of the window. Pick up the new double glazed unit and place it into the window frame ensuring it is sat on the bottom glazing packs and any other glazing packs noted earlier are put back into place around the double glazed unit.

Ensure you keep a secure hand on the double glazed unit to prevent it from falling forwards. Now replace the glazing beads in reverse order of how they were removed ensuring the bead is clipped into place securely.
Now go back to the inside of the window and put the wedge gasket back into place between the window frame and the glass in reverse order of how it was removed, this will slowly push the glass forwards locking the outside beads into place.

This is the most common system out there today for replacing window glass but is being replaced by the Internal Clip In System – this internal system is now being installed in all new houses

It is however, always recommended that you use a qualified Window fitter to replace your Double Glazed (DG) panes. Even though a straightforward task, if you do your own, you undertake the task at your own risk.

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