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Dear Glazing Business Opportunist,

small-steven-replace-double-glazingHi there,

if you feel that 1 on 1 training is better for you to get that more dedicated and personalised service, we can offer this as well. Please note however, that this is more expensive as we are running the course just for you.. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for pricing details.

If you are anything like I am, you learn better by actually doing the job in hand and not just reading about it and in my opinion, there is nothing like "hands on training" at the end of the day to really learn. It firmly puts everything in place and the information becomes harder to forget somehow...also you get to meet the experts and gain inside knowledge "golden nuggets" that just cannot be taught in Guides or DVDs.

So, in light of this, I have put together a "HANDS ON" training day to make you super confident in this business and to make sure that you start making good money out of this right away!!

Super Fast Track Your Way To Success in This Business

You know what it is like - all good intentions to sit down and read studiously through all the information I have sent you, watch the DVD and take it all in 100% and then act upon it.

At the same time, to then studiously follow Step by Step through the 6 Week Plan, day in and day out, through to getting your first client through the door.  That in reality is more like a dream world! We can all get so busy and distracted in our day to day business and with our family commitments! That feeling that "there is always tomorrow" to start or take action but that tomorrow never seems to come.

This training day is designed not to let that happen to you. When you sign up for the day, you are taking that one step nearer to actually committing yourself to making this work for you and all the information will naturally fall into place so quickly and easily...

Overnight You Will Be a  Pro

This business is not rocket science and after a days training with me, you will have all the knowledge you need to go it alone. Don't get me wrong -  there is information to take in and learn and there will be effort required from your side to absorb and then practice "hands on" what i have taught.

By the end of the day, you will have the full confidence to go it alone with your first client and be just like a pro..

Get Inside Secrets & Tips That Information Guides Just Can't Give

As well as that, over lunch, we talk about the best ways to get leads and talk about stuff that we just cannot put into Guides (you know what I mean, the gold nugget bits of information that may just click with you when you get those "ah yes" moments)

Get Hands on Experience to Give You That 100% Confidence With Your First Client

That is why we are running HANDS ON TRAINING DAYS. We know, without a shadow of a doubt ,that there is nothing better than to meet up, face to face,  and you get your own hands dirty, changing these Double Glazed units and I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know so you have FULL confidence to go out and do this yourself.

In this is a ONE DAY TRAINING SESSION, we will cover all you need to know in that ONE day. We are not looking at anything like a 5 day training course to get your head around the information. IT TAKES JUST ONE DAY! Doesn't that tell you how easy to learn this business really is?

If you bought into a franchise and paid your £25,000 plus VAT upfront, they teach you no more than me and I can almost guarantee that most of the trainers within these franchises will not be as experienced as I am, having been in this trade all of my working life. Sounds boastful I know, but true!

How To Clinch Jobs On The Day You View The Job

What is better than surveying & quoting a job and actually walking away with the order that very day. No quoting after leaving the clients house and then sending the quote off in the hope that the client MIGHT just get back to give you the work.

On the training day, I give you the survey and Quotation sheets to quote there and then and also disclose a few secrets on how to get them to give you the order there and then and get it booked in. Nothing heavy on the selling side by the way. Just a few subtle tricks..

See, Feel and Touch All The Glass Types So You Are An Expert Before Meeting Your First Client

I will show you Clear glass, Toughened glass, Leaded glass types, Georgian bar and all the glass types AND all you need to know when measuring these glass types up. Nothing is left unturned.

I also give you our Pilkington Glass sampler case, so you can showcase to your clients all the obscure glass types out there today.

Learn To be Safe AND SAVE Money

As you are dealing with glass, if handled inappropriately, it can cause a few safety issues. Also, with a few tips and know how, I can show you how to handle glass and how to pick up and load safely and easily without any risk of breakages and expensive mistakes.

So, this not only induces good safe working practices, but it also saves you a ton of money at the end of the day!


1) That learns better by "hands on" rather than reading manuals

2) That maybe lacks discipline to take action week by week, and be self motivated to sit down and read and watch and learn. This may not be your fault - just too many business and family distractions.

3) May lack the confidence from the outset to get this business venture up and running - ie. doing it all on your own...
I realise that this will be more likely your stumbling block i.e. getting the confidence in the first place to JUST GO OUT AND DO IT.

4) Feel, that despite all the guidance you have had so far, you seem to have barriers to starting

It would be such a shame if this was ALL that was stopping you. After all, this is such a profitable little venture that can add ££hundreds to your bank account every week and just for a little bit of a push and some effort on your part.

That is why this course has been created - to help educate you and help you break down any barriers in your way so you can start profiting from this business very quickly. 

Also you are free to ask as many of those niggling little questions on the day - you can't do that with a set of Guides and a DVD!!

So I Hear You Ask What Is Covered On The Day?

OK, I have written down everything that is covered in the course without any stone unturned here. I cover:


What pitfalls to look out for to save you time and expense and a load of hassle!

How Double Glazed units are made

Types of glass (standard and thermally efficient glass types)



What causes a unit to break down

What measures you must take to prevent a unit breakdown

How is the leadwork applied and types of lead

How is Georgian bar made and types of Georgian bar


Tips and Tricks to lifting and stacking of glass to save you expensive accidents

Securing glass during transportation

How glass breaks

Things to prevent

Clothing to wear (goggles, gloves, wrist guards etc)


Tips to accurate measuring so that you do not waste money buying the wrong sized glass!!

How to measure the width and height

How to measure the overall thickness (various ways)

How to assess spacer bar type

How to assess the glass type

How to measure for leaded glass units or ornate glass

How to measure for Georgian bar units

How to measure an arched unit

Assessing if the unit is taped or wedge gasket


Handling your site survey

Can job be done internally or externally

Are ladders or tower scaffold required and ladder access in anchor & tie of locations

If tower scaffold then pricing it in

Considerations to take on board -  eg. does the customer have children or pets

Where would you barrier off if required (busy streets etc)


Inside secrets to upgrades you can offer to your customer to give you WAY MORE extra profit

How to use dimensions for quoting

Option for on-site Quoting

Lead times of various units


Assessment and system Identification (there are 4 different systems and you will need to identify each one)

How to remove the units

Checking  Drainage is OK

Cleaning out tracks

What to do if you come across a security cleat (easy when you know)

How to refit a new unit

How to re pack the unit

How to toe and heel units (windows, doors, french & patio doors)

How to security pack the glazed unit (windows, doors, french & patio doors)

Silicon the packs and lubricating the beads

Replacing gaskets if required or re-stretch gaskets if possible

How to remove the glass in a door and/or check bottom panel


How to remove the units

How to refit the glass

Always refit using glazing tape

I Really Think This Is What I Need To Give Me 100% Confidence As Well As Speed Things Up and Help Me Making Money Out Of This Quickly - So What Do I Do Now?

Well it is very easy to book a place but please be aware that this is a 1 on 1 Training event, run specifcially for you. You will of course get more out of it than a  group training day and so much more information can be passed across to just you and you naturally get all the hands on training you need as there is nobody else in the queue as such!

We will book a date that is suitable for you and your diary. Lunch is also included.

So What Is The Price?

The practical training you get on our 1 day course ONE on ONE is of course a lot mpre than the Group Training but you will take away more...

This training is all you need and, if not better, than the training you get if you part with £25,000 plus VAT if you join a franchise in Replace Double Glazed business. Also, we have some amazing bonuses that will REALLY HELP YOU  in your marketing and take away a LOT of the pain of doing everything yourself.

Also we are not asking for 10% of your turnover every month, as the franchises do. You keep all the money you make. And if you take all our marketing advice and use all the EXTRA TOOLS that we give you when you book the 1 day course, you are way better off NOT JOINING UP TO ANY FRANCHISE for a shed load of money.

    So we are charging only £1497.00 for THIS ONE ON ONE TRAINING

NB. You will reap this money back in your first few weeks of replacing Double Glazed panes and you have the piece of mind that all the money you make from there on in, IS ALL YOURS as this is not a franchise asking for 10% of your turnover EVERY YEAR.


(These bonuses are sent to you straight after you book the course - you will not have to wait until the day of the course.)



Unlimited Email Support for 3 Months!!!

If you are stuck on any aspect of this business, the comfort of knowing that you have unlimited email support makes your life so much easier! We are behind you and guiding you every step of the way..


Glass Type Guide

This Glass Type Guide covers everything you need to know about glass types so you become educated quickly and easily.


Commercial Guide -  Don't Get Caught Out By The Tax Man

This comprehensive Commercial guide is written especially for this Double Glazing business and addresses all the considerations of being self employed, tax, VAT and insurance... all easy to read so you do not get caught out by the tax man.


If you feel that, in the first hour of being on the 1 day course, that this is not for you after all, we WILL REFUND ALL YOUR MONEY. All you have to do is say so and you are free to leave and we will refund you afterwards.

So there is in fact NO RISK at all to you. We only want happy customers who know they can make this work for them and we can help..


P.S. This is an opportunity to get "hands on training" in replacing Double Glazed panes to rapidly speed your way to success

P.P.S. Discover the inside secrets that manuals and DVDs alone can't give

P.P.P.S Get unlimited email support for a whole 3 months to get you through every aspect of this business - you are not alone and help is at hand all the way

Take action today before it is too late. You have nothing to lose with your "On The Day" Money Back Guarantee.


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