The Different Types Of Window Glass When Finding Out How To Replace Window Glass

When you are looking to replace your window glass, it is important to know the different types of glass out there that you can replace your broken or misted up window pane with.

The majority of windows in the UK are either uPVC or timber, with uPVC far outweighing the timber. These two cover the vast majority of the domestic window industry so if you are looking to find out how to replace window glass then here are a few basic facts. You will find that a Double Glazed Unit for a uPVC is just the same as it is for a timber window, although the units installed in timber windows are generally thinner in overall thickness than those installed in uPVC.

It is a well known fact within the window industry that Double Glazed units fail more within a timber window than a uPVC one. However, most replacements come from the uPVC market in the UK; the simple reason being the majority of houses have uPVC windows installed and this is ever increasing.
uPVC windows have been fitted in properties for years now and over recent years, the Double Glazing units have improved somewhat. The old style of glazing is simply known as EXTERIOR glazed and the more modern glazing is referred to as INTERIOR glazed.

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The latter are far better for security and far easier to install as it can all be done from the inside hence requiring no ladders. 80% of the market at this moment in time in the UK however is connected to the EXTERIOR glazed system as this is the older type and we see more units requiring upgrading due to their age.

Over time, we will find that the INTERNAL glazed system will generate more replacement enquiries as these units also age, hence the replacement of the Double Glazed units is only set to become easier in the future.

It is however worth realising that the double glazed unit industry has come a long way over the past few years providing far better quality units these days than ever before so the need to replace window glass will become less over time as the older window glass gets replaced.

Better window systems and a better knowledge of installation gained by experience over the years of what mistakes not to make combined with more advanced glass and better manufacturing processes and guidelines have all helped todays double glazed window glass units to be of the highest quality they have become.

It is however, always recommended that you use a qualified Window fitter to replace your Double Glazed (DG) panes. Even though a straightforward task, if you do your own, you undertake the task at your own risk.

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